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Schedule Results

6/9/2017 at Lincoln Fairgrounds - Lincoln, IL

410 Sprints - Winged: All Star Circuit of Champions

Parker Price-Miller

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 12110th
B Feature 121st
Heat 247th
Qualifying 2Time: 11.531-1st

410 Sprints - Winged

All Star Circuit of Champions

A Feature 1

35 laps
12Carson MacedoLemoore, CA3G
27Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X
31Chad KemenahFindlay, OH10H
45Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO20N
56Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA59
63Bret TripplettLincoln, IL22X
711Brandon HanksBurlison, TN84
88Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL25
912Joey MoughanSpringfield, IL29
1021Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN2
114Tony StewartColumbus, IN14
129Caleb HelmsFindlay, OH17
1313Max StambaughElida, OH33M
1417Caleb ArmstrongNew Castle, IN7C
1516Jim Moughan JrSpringfield, IL1M
1619Daniel HardingPerth, WAU12
1714Kody KinserBloomington, IN4K
1810T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M
1915Brandon MatusWampum, PA13
2020Ryan BuntonMorton, IL6R
2122Hunter MackisonYork, PA95
2224A.J. BrunsLincoln, IL44
2323Brandon SpithalerButler, PA22
2418Tyler EshNew Providence, PA35
2525Jordan MackisonYork, PA1080

B Feature 1

12 laps
12Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN2
23Hunter MackisonYork, PA95
31Brandon SpithalerButler, PA22
48A.J. BrunsLincoln, IL44
55Jordan MackisonYork, PA1080
67Jimmy HurleySpringfield, IL47
76John Garvin JrSarver, PA51
814Cory BrunsLincoln, IL42
911Trey DatweilerHerscher, IL23D
109Roger Campbell JrClyde, OH9C
1112Jeremy StandridgeSpringfield, IL10S
1215Dylan TuxhornPawnee, IL9T
1310Tyler ShoemakerClinton, IL1T
1413Brent MatusWampum, PA33
154Ryan LinderLock Haven, PA9
1616Chris UrishElkhart, IL77U

Dash 1

4 laps
12Chad KemenahFindlay, OH10H
21Bret TripplettLincoln, IL22X
33Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO20N
44Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X
55Caleb HelmsFindlay, OH17

Dash 2

4 laps
12Carson MacedoLemoore, CA3G
21Tony StewartColumbus, IN14
33Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA59
44Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL25
55T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M

Heat 1

10 laps
12Tony StewartColumbus, IN14
24Bret TripplettLincoln, IL22X
36Brandon HanksBurlison, TN84
41Kody KinserBloomington, IN4K
53Tyler EshNew Providence, PA35
68Jimmy HurleySpringfield, IL47
77John Garvin JrSarver, PA51
85Hunter MackisonYork, PA95
99Jeremy StandridgeSpringfield, IL10S

Heat 2

10 laps
13Chad KemenahFindlay, OH10H
21Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL25
32Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA59
47Jim Moughan JrSpringfield, IL1M
55Ryan BuntonMorton, IL6R
69Cory BrunsLincoln, IL42
74Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN2
88Brent MatusWampum, PA33

Heat 3

10 laps
11Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO20N
23Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X
34Carson MacedoLemoore, CA3G
42Max StambaughElida, OH33M
55Daniel HardingPerth, WAU12
67A.J. BrunsLincoln, IL44
76Ryan LinderLock Haven, PA9
88Tyler ShoemakerClinton, IL1T
99Dylan TuxhornPawnee, IL9T

Heat 4

10 laps
11T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M
22Caleb HelmsFindlay, OH17
35Joey MoughanSpringfield, IL29
46Brandon MatusWampum, PA13
53Caleb ArmstrongNew Castle, IN7C
69Trey DatweilerHerscher, IL23D
74Brandon SpithalerButler, PA22
87Jordan MackisonYork, PA1080
98Roger Campbell JrClyde, OH9C

Qualifying 1

2 laps
1-Bret TripplettLincoln, IL22X11.797
2-Tyler EshNew Providence, PA3511.805
3-Tony StewartColumbus, IN1411.832
4-Kody KinserBloomington, IN4K11.856
5-Hunter MackisonYork, PA9512.058
6-Brandon HanksBurlison, TN8412.102
7-John Garvin JrSarver, PA5112.349
8-Jimmy HurleySpringfield, IL4712.386
9-Jeremy StandridgeSpringfield, IL10S12.874

Qualifying 2

2 laps
1-Parker Price-MillerKokomo, IN211.531
2-Chad KemenahFindlay, OH10H11.626
3-Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA5911.655
4-Jake BlackhurstHanna City, IL2511.885
5-Ryan BuntonMorton, IL6R12.107
6-Chris UrishElkhart, IL77U12.150
7-Jim Moughan JrSpringfield, IL1M12.194
8-Brent MatusWampum, PA3312.893
9-Cory BrunsLincoln, IL4213.653

Qualifying 3

2 laps
1-Carson MacedoLemoore, CA3G11.725
2-Paul NienhiserChapin, IL9X11.741
3-Max StambaughElida, OH33M11.772
4-Hunter SchuerenbergSikeston, MO20N11.849
5-Daniel HardingPerth, WAU1212.101
6-Ryan LinderLock Haven, PA912.243
7-A.J. BrunsLincoln, IL4412.400
8-Tyler ShoemakerClinton, IL1T12.853
9-Dylan TuxhornPawnee, IL9T14.026

Qualifying 4

2 laps
1-Brandon SpithalerButler, PA2211.447
2-Caleb ArmstrongNew Castle, IN7C11.802
3-Caleb HelmsFindlay, OH1711.930
4-T.J. MichaelWest Plano, TX8M11.945
5-Joey MoughanSpringfield, IL2912.131
6-Brandon MatusWampum, PA1312.146
7-Jordan MackisonYork, PA108012.278
8-Roger Campbell JrClyde, OH9C12.425
9-Trey DatweilerHerscher, IL23D12.872